Coffee Bean Sack Wall Art

One of the local coffee bean roasters gives away the used coffee sacks for free to anyone who asks. I managed to get a two dozen bags over the course of a couple days. The bags are durable burlap and have a rich scent of uncooked coffee beans.

Burlap Coffee Sacks
Scrap Wood
Staple Gun
Wood Glue


The first design was a simple wooden plank cut to a specific length using a saw. I wanted to fit the writing COFFEE BEANS on the plank. I cut out the writing on the coffee sack using the scissors. I chose a piece of scrap wood and cut it to fit the size of the writing. I wrapped the burlap over the wood and arrange it so that the writing is centered in the wood. Then I used the staple gun to adhere the sack to the wood. Before I set each staple, I pulled the burlap tight against the wood. The staples are set on the sides of the frame.img_8180.jpg


The second design is set on a wooden frame similar to a picture frame. This design is more complex because you have to build the frame. I cut the wood pieces using a saw and set them using wood glue. I left the frame overnight to dry. The next day, I cut the burlap coffee sack to fit over the frame. Once again, I stapled the burlap to the frame, making to sure to pull it tight before setting each staple. Once the burlap was a attached, I cut a design off another sack and stapled it horizontally over the frame. I stapled a scrap of leftover material over the back of the frame to form a hidden pocket.

Percent Recycled: 100%
-Coffee Sack from coffee roasting company
-Wood from scrap wood pile


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