Recycled Thank You Cards

Greeting cards at the store are often outrageously expensive. A creative design on nice paper can cost upwards of $5. The materials to make the card probably cost less than twenty five cents to make. With a bit of time and a handful of materials out of the recycling bin, you can make your own cards.img_81601.jpg

Materials Used:
-Macy’s clothing box
-REI magazine
-Glue stick

I chose to use the REI magazine due to the wide variety of colors available in the magazine. Any magazine with lots of pictures would work well. Using the scissors, I cut out triangles of different colors. Some were picked from solid backgrounds while others were cut from sections with textured images. I glued the different triangles together in an overlapping pattern to resemble mountains. I chose the Macy’s box because the box was approximately the thickness of card stock. I cut the Macy’s box into card sized sections and folded them in half vertically. I glued the triangle cutouts to the front of the cards.img_81561.jpg

Percent Recycled: 95%
-Macy’s box and REI magazine from recycling bin
-Glue and scissors new from store


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