Starting fires can be a tricky process. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we receive so much rain that most of the wood appears to be perpetually wet. This makes fire starting a pain. These fire starters are excellent and take three common ingredients to make.img_8173.jpg

-Candle Wax
-Egg carton
-Small pot

Cut off the top of the egg carton and filled the egg pockets with saw dust as shown in the picture. Melt the wax in a small pot on the stove. Watch it closely because wax can evaporate quickly as heated. As soon as all the wax is melted, pour it generously into the sawdust filled egg carton. To cool quickly, put egg carton into refrigerator. When the wax has dried, break each egg pocket apart and you are left with a dozen fire starters. Experiment with different combinations of wax and sawdust to achieve desired results.IMG_8175

Percent Recycled: 100%
-Egg Carton from recycling bin
-Wax from burned out candle
-Sawdust from workshop


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