Solar Flashlight

I was in the Restore awhile back when I spotted a collection of broken solar garden lights. The Restore is a local store that sells salvaged materials. I purchased two lights for a dollar.

Materials:Solar Flashlight
-Solar garden light
-Chocolate tin
-Gorilla Glue

I carefully removed the solar cells from the plastic mounts. I used a chocolate tin as the base because it was durable and had flat surfaces to adhere the cell to. I mounted the solar cell on top of the tin and inserted the battery mount and wires through the hole in the lid. I used Gorilla glue to mount the cell to the surface and the battery mount to the inside of the tin. The light bulb from the garden light was still functional so I poked a small hole in the front of the tin using a screwdriver. I inserted the bulb and glued it into place. When everything was set in place, I used caulk around the solar cell and the lightbulb to waterproof the case. When the solar cell is left out in the sun, it charges the battery. When the solar cell is covered, the bulb lights up due to light sensors in the center of the cell.IMG_8172

Percent Recycled: 75%
-Solar cell recycled from garden lights
-Chocolate tin from the recycling bin
-Glue and caulk new from hardware storeĀ img_8166.jpg


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