Coffee Sack Stool

I found this stool in the bushes behind a rental house. The whole thing was in rough shape and the top part of the stool had rotted off. At the time I had no idea what to do with it so I took it inside and left it in my closet to dry. By the time I had a purpose for it, a few months had passed and the remains of the stool had dried out.Coffee Stool

-Coffee Sack
-Staple gun
-Short screws

I used sandpaper to scrape off the dirt and moss that had taken residence upon the legs. Using a saw, I cut a piece of thick plywood that had been salvaged from a construction site. I cut it in the shape of an octagon and screwed it into the legs. I salvaged a piece of packing foam from my workplace and cut it to the same octagonal shape. This would serve as the padded cushion. A local coffee roaster gives out free coffee sacks and I cut one up to go over the foam. I pulled the coffee sack tight and stapled it to the underside of the plywood frame using a staple gun.

Percent Recycled: 100%
-Stool from backyard
-Coffee sack from coffee roaster
-Plywood from dumpster
-Packing foam from workplace


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