Dresser Knob Coat Rack

I recently salvaged an old dresser from a blackberry bush behind my house. Unfortunately the dresser was rotted and sun bleached. One of the few salvageable parts was the brass knob on the drawer. I used this as the basis for my design.IMG_8058

-Cedar slabs
-Dresser knobs
-Polyurethane Finish

Depending on the size of the coat rack you desire, the size of the coat rack can vary significantly. I cut two identical cedar slabs and set them at a 90 angle from each other. The top slab would serve as a shelf and the lower one is used to affix the knobs. I cut support braces and nailed them in on either end. (I would have used screws if I had not been out of short ones). I then sanded down the surface and applied the polyurethane finish. I let it dry overnight. Then I drilled pilot holes equally spaced for the three knobs. I screwed in the knobs and set two screws where the rack would be set to the wall. Overall the project took approximately two hours.

Percent Recycled: 85%
-Two of the knobs were purchased from the local Habitat for Humanity Store
-The third knob was salvaged off the dresser
-The cedar wood was salvaged from a residential dumpster
-Polyurethane finish new from store


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